What’s New in iOS 12.2 Public Release

What’s New in iOS 12.2 Public Release

Recently, Apple released their latest iOS update; iOS 12.2 Official release after some beta tests. The new iOS 12.2 update is filled with some handful of features and updates for the users. Most of the features were revealed and tested by the iOS 12.2 Beta versions and now all of those tested Features and changes are Live and officially released with the new iOS 12.2 Public release.

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Among the features and changes, we could see there were some hardware supports also. It was the iOS 12.2 support extended for the Apple products including AirPods 2 and new iPads. And also, iOS 12.2 brought Apple News+ to the iPhone and iPad users in the US and Canada.

Below are some other interesting features introduced on iOS 12.2 Update.

Whats New on iOS 12.2 Update?

Apple News+

One of the major features of iOS 12.2, Apple News + support added for the iPhone and iPad users in the United States and Canada. However the monthly $9.99 subscription magazine is not only available for the iPhone and iPad users in US and Canada.

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And also Apple News is expanded to Canada and the Apple news can be read in English and French languages in Canada.

Latest Animojis

Apple has introduced four new Animoji in iOS 12.2.

The boar, shark, giraffe, and an owl animojis are now available in the animoji collection now.

Added Support for HomeKit TV

The previous year, AirPlay 2 support was extended for 3rd Party TVs. With this iOS 12.2, Apple introduces HomeKit support for AirPlay 2 TVs.

New Screen Mirroring Icon in Control Center

Now the screen mirroring in two screens is a bit easier and clear with the new updated Screen Mirroring icon in Control Center.

5G E for AT&T Users

Surprised? Don’t think so about this. This is just a marketing tool by AT&T. Some of you may think that iOS 12.2 update added 5G support for their iPhone or iPad by seeing the 5G indicator in your phone’s status bar. Nope! This is used as a marking trick and however the bad news is, new research found that AT&T’s 5G E is slower than 4G also.

Apple Cash Updates

Apple lets the users make easier funds with the “ Add Money” on the Apple Pay Cash in the Wallet app.

Updated AirPlay icon

The AirPlay icon changed like the macOS icons by adding some additional inline icon to the AirPlay icon in Control Center.

Apple News Changes

Apple added some changes for the Apple News. , the extent that the logo is concerned. Presently as opposed to spelling out “Apple News”, the Apple Company an accustomed logo. That aligns it with the Apple TV and Apple Pay.

Wallet App Improvements

Now the wallet app displays some additional details on transactions.

Secure Browsing Updates

You are now more secured with the unsafe websites with the “Not Secured” message for the websites which are not using HTTPS connection.

Apple TV App Changes

The Apple TV Remote app is now with a darker display.

Apple Map Features

The New feature; Air Quality for Apple Map is now can be enabled on the Map Settings of Apple Map. This allows users to know the Air Quality of specific places without using the Weather App.

iMessage Enchantments

Audio Quality of Audio messages in iMessage is now increased with the Opus codec technology.

About Screen Changes

As About Page has not changed for a long time, in this iOS 12.2 Update Apple changed About screen in the Settings section.

New Logitech Crayon Support

iPad Pro devices on 2018 are now supported for Logitech Crayon stylus.

Improved Downtime Feature in Screen Time

In before Downtime options were available only for some specified days and time. But with this new iOS 12.2 update, the Downtime options availability is extended a lot for you.

So there are some main interesting features on iOS 12.2 Update. Do you think we missed an interesting update? Let us know in the comments. And Don’t Forget To Share This NEWS With Others.

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