Snapchat Banning Accounts of Jailbroken iPhone Users | How to Bypass Ban Without Unjailbreaking

Snapchat Banning Accounts of Jailbroken iPhone Users | How to Bypass Ban Without Unjailbreaking

Some Snapchat users have bad news today. Yes! some. The Snapchat planned to ban accounts of users who are using the app on their jailbroken iPhone. So if you are very familiar with Snapchat and using Snapchat on a Jailbroken iPhone, then you must pay some attention to this.

The thing happening here is Snapchat has decided to ban the Jailbroken users’ accounts temporarily as mentioned above and the ban happens if you have simply jailbroken your iPhone and using the official Snapchat. What about 3rd-party Snapchat apps? No matter what. Your account will soon face this ban sooner.

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This temporary ban will seem to be a device ban like making the users not able to login to their Snapchat account with the Jailbroken device.

know that you are not going to Un-Jailbreak your iPhone. Don’t worry, you don’t need that. You can avoid this ban by using the Nepta’s Unsub Tweak. The Unsub tweak disables the Substitute tweak injection for specified apps and here we can disable it for Snapchat if you are not banned yet.

If your account got banned already, just give it a try to disable tweak injection with Unsub and wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours, try using your Snapchat again. If you are lucky, Snapchat will detect your app installed as a non-jailbroken device.

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I’m not joking here, if there are some extreme cases, Snapchat might ban your account permanently. So before happens anything gets rid of it soon.

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