Pwn20wnd defends Cydia as Sileo Team teases the upcoming release of Sileo 1.0 | Cydia is Not Dead

Pwn20wnd defends Cydia as Sileo Team teases the upcoming release of Sileo 1.0

After the tweet by Saurik saying that Cydia is Dead! Just Forget Cydia Exists” the jailbreaking community lost hopes about Cydia. But pwn20wnd shared amazing reassuring tweets on jailbreak community via Twitter Thursday afternoon, saying that Cydia isn’t dead although Saurik gave up Cydia developing as Cydia is an Open-Source. So pwn20wnd says that Cydia can be still maintained by Unc0ver team and other developers whether Saurik helps or not.

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You may already now that or not, Cydia the iOS package manager is an Open Source Software. So it can be viewed by anyone and edited by anyone.

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Anyway, the Cydia Substrate by Saurik is not Open Source as mainly it is very complex. If you have already read the Saurik’s tweets announced recently, there is no mention about Open Sourcing the Cydia substrate for others to maintain.

The fact from Unc0ver developer may mean that Cydia Substrate (Especially for A12(X) devices) will not be updated probably. However, keep in mind that Unc0ver Team and other members can still maintain Cydia.

You may know that the Cydia Substrate is not the only way to achieve full jailbreak for A12(X) devices.

As pwn20wnd says, they can use either Cydia Substrate or Cydia Substitute to perform full support for A12(X) devices like iPhone XS, iPhone XR, etc. However, without a doubt, Cydia Substrate by Saurik is way better than Substitute. But as we haven’t supported by Substrate, pwn20wnd is trying to achieve the full jailbreak for A12(X) devices with updated Cydia Substitute and let the users run jailbreak tweaks and install Cydia on their Hand Sets.

Something is better than nothing, no?

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Although there is no ETA about A12(X) devices full jailbreak release by Unc0ver, just be patient. Soon or later, we are going to have it.

What is Electra Doing with Sileo?

The A12(X) full jailbreak ball is passing between Cydia and Sileo these days. While Unc0ver Jailbreak team is trying their best to achieve A12(X) full jailbreak and give Cydia to the users, in the other hand Electra Jailbreak team leading by CoolStar is trying their best to achieve A12(X) full jailbreak and give Sileo for the iOS 12 – 12.1.2 users.

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Actually, this is a game between Cydia Substrate/ Substitute and Sileo Substitute.

Why CoolStar not supporting Cydia? He has his reason to do so. Sileo is owned by CoolStar and seems he doesn’t feel like supporting Cydia over his own work – Sileo.

Particularly given Sileo’s notoriety for censuring the methods for previous repositories like BigBoss and restricting the number of advertisements that can be served.

By the way, the Sileo developers are working on the development of Sileo Package manager. Also, the Sileo developers tweeted an announcement saying that Sileo 1.0 with APT 1.8 will be available to download which is supported for both iOS 11 and iOS 12 versions.

However, the Optimo of Bisboss mentioned that he is not going to add Sileo support for Bigboss and just sit with Cydia.


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It seems to be Electra12 jailbreak is going to be released soon in the future. As soon as download released, we will update the download links soon and let you know. So we recommend you to keep in touch with us to know the latest updates on the Jailbreaking community.

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