Pwn20wnd Confirmed Substitute for A12(X) Devices – Download Unc0ver for A12(X) Jailbreak

Pwn20wnd Confirmed Substitute for A12(X) Devices – Download Unc0ver for A12(X) Jailbreak

A few weeks ago, there was just one left to achieve full jailbreak for A12(X) devices. It was the Cydia Substrate update by Saurik. However, with the disappointing tweets by Saurik saying “Just Forget Cydia Exists, Cydia is Dead!” Because of that, Unc0ver Jailbreak developer, Pwn20wnd stand up to defend Cydia.

Download Unc0ver Jailbreak Tool – Updated for A12(X) devices

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The Unc0ver developers, lead Pwn20wnd has already done their part to achieve the Full Jailbreak for A12(X) devices, as we mentioned above the only thing left was Cydia Substrate support. Without the Cydia Substrate support for Unc0ver, the jailbreak is not quite stable.

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According to Saurik, the Cydia substrate support for A12(X) Bionic devices is not going to release by him. Pwn20wnd mentioned that “Something is better than nothing” and he and his crew took things in their own hand. They said that they are developing on “putting together a future-proof and stable replacement for the Substrate environment” for iPhone XS, iPhone XR and other A12(X) bionic devices. However, yet there is no ETA to complete the Cydia Substitute development.

However, don’t misunderstand these situations. To be clear, the upcoming Unc0ver Jailbreak by Pwn20wnd is not going to replace Cydia. They only give full support for A12(X) devices through Cydia substitute instead of Cydia Substrate. Also, keep in mind that pwn20wnd is not going to bring Substitute for A7-A11 devices as Cydia Substrate is working fine on those devices.

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If you are using iPhone XR, iPhone XR device or any other A12(X) bionic device, just be patient until pwn20wnd and the unc0ver team bring us the best option for A12(X) devices’ Jailbreak. So, a lot of things to come and great things take time.

So finally tell us, what are you going to choose?

• Wait Until Cydia Substitute Support
• Use Sileo with Electra Instead
• Or Give Up Jailbreak and Update iOS version for latest features?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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