PSA: Beware of the Copied Unc0ver Jailbreak Tool for iOS 12 | Tw3lve JB

PSA: Don’t use the Tw3lve jailbreak for iOS 12, it’s a blatant copy of unc0ver

If you were active in the jailbreak community, then you must know that how hard the jailbreaking process is running these days. Apple’s quick iOS version updates of fixing exploits which are used to jailbreak iOS versions are making this more difficult. Not only this makes it difficult, but also this caused the jailbreak tool developers to lost their iDevices while trying to jailbreak the iOS 12.X versions. Recently, the Unc0ver Jailbreak Tool developer also lost his A12 testing device because of this.

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Before few days, a new Jailbreak tool had landed on the ground of Reddit called “Tw3lve”. The suspicious Tw3lve Jailbreak tool mentioned that they are able to jailbreak iOS 12.0 – iOS 12.1.2. Yes! Yes! It should be. Because it was a blatant copy of the most popular and best Open Source Unc0ver Jailbreak tool. The only general difference between Unc0ver and Tw3lve jailbreak tool is the custom Graphical User Interface.

Although the Tw3lve jailbreak tool was released as a Closed-Source tool, it did not take a while to understand that it was the exact copy of pwn20wnd’s Unc0ver jailbreak tool for the Unc0ver developers.

As soon as pwn20wnd found this is a scam, he announced about the fake Tw3lve jailbreak tool on Twitter,

What to Do Now?

Some of you may have already downloaded Tw3lve Jailbreak tool recently. If you have, we strongly advise you that please delete the Tw3lvle Jailbreak tool before going ahead with it. If you jailbreak with the Tw3lve jailbreak tool, your handset will be risking the future of the Jailbreaking eligibility.

One of the best solution for you if you are trying to Jailbreak your iDevice running iOS 11- iOS 12.1.2 is to use Pwn20wnd’s trusted Unc0ver Jailbreak tool. Although the Unc0ver has not full support for the A12(X) devices yet, we can ensure that it will be coming soon as soon as Saurik updates Cydia Substrate.

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Also, the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool has been updated to Unc0ver V3.0.0 Beta 49 by fixing some instability issues and bugs. And also the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool developers say that they are not going to release an official Unc0ver version until they archive the full support to jailbreak A12(X) devices.

Download Unc0ver v3.0.0 Beta49 – Official Links

So if you love jailbreaking, then please don’t trust everyone in the Jailbreak community who are saying that they are able to jailbreak your iDevice. So if you need to find out the best working Jailbreak tools for your iOS device running on iOS 11- iOS 12.2, then visit the following link.

Best Jailbreak Tools and Download Links upto iOS 12.2 : Cydia Download for iOS 12, 12.2 | Download Links and Complete Jailbreak Tutorials | RootlessJB, Unc0ver,zJailbreak, Electra

So Please share this News with others and let them get away with the scammers.

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