New Unc0ver Update: Substantial Speed and stability improvements and more

If you are an active member of Unc0ver Jailbreak, pwn20wnd is a memorable name in your head. Yes, you already know that pwn20wnd is the developer of the Unc0ver jailbreak tool. If you checked his twitter account in previous days unc0ver pushes about his new updates and thoughts regularly. But in these days he is quite silent after the release of Chimera jailbreak by Electra Team to jailbreak iOS 12 – 12.1.2 running A12(X) devices. But don’t lose hopes pal, pwn20wnd is already working on the Unc0ver update for A12(X) devices these days.

In yesterday, pwn20wnd shared a tweet about the new Unc0ver update. He says that he is working on significant updates regarding not only Unc0ver tool but also Cydia. Although he doesn’t mention the specific changes however this updates must make the new tool faster and improved system stability for sure. Take a look at his twitter update.

According to this, he says that they are almost done and released for soon for the public. Means, we are going to see this latest update so soon.

Update: Pwn20wnd Mentioned What’s Going to Change

– Make resprings instant

– Make uicache instant

– Fix all iOS 12 specific stability issues

– Include the new Unrestrict

– Add migration support for other jailbreaks

– Fix the broken versions of RBS and hid-support

And more…


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Also if we take a look back for his previous tweets, he has hinted that Unc0ver update is going to release with a major stability update soon with the new Unrestrict library, kernel data locks, and new sandbox patches;

When we talk about what we have here with unc0ver, the latest unc0ver version is Unc0ver V3.0.1 public. With Unc0ver V3.0.1 you can jailbreak iOS 11 – 12.1.2 running iOS devices and install Cydia. But yet unc0ver has not full-support for A12(X) devices. However, pwn20wnd is working on Cydia Substitute instead of Cydia substrate by Saurik.

You can download the latest Unc0ver Jailbreak tool with this official link. If you own an A12(X) device, you can jailbreak successfully and install Cydia with Chimera Jailbreak. The links are added below.

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