New 7th Gen iPod Touch Icon Revealed in iOS 12.2 Beta 4 With Full-Screen Design

Icon Allegedly Found in iOS 12.2 Beta Suggests 7th Gen iPod Touch Will Have All-Screen Design [Update: Fake]

A new sneak peek for upcoming iPod Touch was released in the morning through the social media. The above image was revealed by a tech product leaker Jonathan Mitchell for the social media telling that this is showing the Design of upcoming 7th Generation iPod touch device.

The first icon named “HLSipod” is the existing 6th generation iPod touch, and the icon named “HLSipod2” is the 7th Generation new iPod touch. From that, we can see the main sneak peek, that the 7th generation iPod touch is going to be introduced as a Full-Screen design without a Home Button.

Ming-Chi Kuo; Analyst on Apple Developer team revealed that they are going to develop the processor of new 7th Gen iPod touch with good speed improvements. But he didn’t reveal anything about the design of the iPod touch. So we can’t directly imagine that the new iPod touch comes with this Full-Screen Design.

Apple had last updated iPod Touch in 2015 powered by the A8 Chip. But according to many user opinions, the 7th Gen iPod Touch devices will be released with highly modern technologies and powerful internals which we saw on iPhone X series. So we can guess the newest iPod touch will be announced with powerful internals and latest design.

Update : This Rumor is Verified As a Fake News By iOS beta explorer Guilherme Rambo

(Updated On March 8)

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