LendMyPhone 2 Tweaks Introduces Guest Mode for iPhone and iPads

LendMyPhone 2 for IOS 12

LendMyPhone is a Jailbreak tweak for the users who were keep waiting until Apple introduces a Guest Mode or Multi-User feature. Until yet, with the announcement of iOS 12 Version, Apple has not added a Guest Mode feature. LendMyPhone is a great solution for all the users who were waited for this feature. If you have already jailbroken your iOS Device and you are eligible to use this Tweak right now.

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LendMyPhone Tweak is now updated to compatible for iOS 12 also. This LendMyphone will allow you to select the Applications and disable the access to others. So you can enable the LendMyPhone and the guest will not be able to Access the specified Applications on your iPhone or iPad. Does this disable access for only Specified Apps? Nope! Control Center, Home Screen Settings, Notification Center and many other setting access are blocked with this tweak.

LendMyPhone 2 Guest Account Settings

This is a great Tweak for all the users who want to keep their private things safe. If you want that, This is the best opinion for you. Only you have to do is Install LendMyPhone 2 App and then Create a New Guest Account. You can create this Guest Account with Passcode and required Access Management.

But Will they know about this Guest mode?

This is the most interesting feature of this LendMyPhone 2 jailbreak tweak. Once you enter the passcode and hand over your iPhone or iPad to the guest, the user will use the profile with restrictions you created before directly. So with this, your Guest won’t know about the Guest Mode or your Passcode.

And also if you need more than 1 guest account for different purposes, then you can create more than 1 Account with this LendMyPhone 2 Jailbreak Tweak with different access limitations.

However this LendMyPhone 2 Tweak is not free. You can purchase this LendMyPhone 2 for just $3.99 from its official website. In my opinion, it is worthy to Purchase this tweak for just $3.99 because the privacy is extremely valuable than that.

So Why Not Share This With Others? Now, Keep your Mind Free while Others use your Device. 😉

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