iOS 13 Release Date | Features and Rumors

iOS 13 rumors: Everything you need to know

Apple is already working on the next major update on iOS history:- iOS 13 to release for all iDevices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and all other iDevices .

iOS 12 is the latest release from the Apple Inc for now. So Apple has not mentioned Officially about iOS 13 Version. However, there are some fascinating gossips about what will be introduced and what will be the new features we can expect from the next update of Apple’s. When we look back to the history of the Version names, like iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12, the next update will be called “iOS 13”.

The developers of Apple iOS now have higher opportunity to shift back opinions as iOS 12 had indicated a significant turn in iOS Development policies. And with some other reasons, iOS 13 is probably advanced developed than the previous updates. However, we have to keep in mind that this rumored news and features will not available or not.

However, there are some features which were announced to be updated but not came from the iOS 12 version as Apple tried to focus on internal improvements and error, bug fixes.

Let’s talk about the features and rumors we can expect on iOS 13 detailed on below.

Release Date

“ Preview Expected in June”

There is no official announcement date for the iOS 13 but it is more likely to be on June when we take a look at the previous version release dates. The first introduction of iOS 13 will be shown at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference)

The first preview and introduction of iOS 13 will be for the developers as a beta version. After that, the iOS 13 will be tested, debugged and after the latest iOS 13 will be released Officially with the regular announcement scheme.

Rumored Features of iOS 13 Update

These are the list of features that we can expect from iOS 13 Update.

  • New Dark Mode
  • New Home Screen
  • Updated CarPlay Display
  • Updates of Interface of iPads
  • Improved and Latest Multitasking Features
  • Cross-platform apps
  • iPad Tweaks
  • New Emojis and smart Search
  • Removed Volume Popup

Dark Mode

The Dark mode feature was expected from the iOS users for a long time. Even iOS 12 updates did not announce the Dark Mode feature for the users. So there is a rumor that Apple will introduce the Dark mode similar to macOS Mojave. If It introduces, the iOS users will be able to use their device on Nighttime.

“Check How to enable Secret Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger”

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New Home Screen

It seems to be Apple Developers are working on a new Home interface to be introduced for iDevices. But there is no clue or announcement on How the New Home screen on iOS 13 going to be.

New CarPlay Display

There is also said to be a new CarPlay display will be introduced on the iOS 13 update which could be similar to the Home Screen Display Update.

Live Photo Updates

The Live photo feature of Apple iDevice is going to double time in iOS 13 update. Now the Apple Live camera records 1.5 seconds before and after capture. After the update, It will be 3 seconds before the capture and 3 seconds after the capture.

New iPad Updates

Image created by interface designers

Mark Gurman, a reporter of Bloomberg says that the iOS 13 update is more focused on iPad. Apple will bring the multitasking feature with side by side split screen view that we can already see on the MacOS for both iPads and iPhones.

Revamped File Apps

Apple introduces the Revamp File feature in iOS 11. So there is nothing to be surprised to hear that it is going to be updated after two versions released.

No more volume popup

As Max Weinbach says, Apple developers are going to remove the Volume pop up which comes when changing the volume and shows it in the middle of the display for a few seconds. Many users also say that it is an annoying thing for them. So it is not a bad idea. But then we get a problem then how the information going to be displayed. Will there be a little Volume bar instead? Or will it be able to swipe off? Anyhow those questions are not yet answered by the Apple Developers,

Cross Platform for iOS & Mac Applications

Apple developers are going to expand the cross-platform app availability to make easy to cross applications developed for Mac and iOS platforms.

New Emoji

Apple is going to release some new Emojies and improve the Emoji search to get the best suitable results. But this feature will not be released when the first release of iOS 13, but this will come in the future updates of iOS 13. Anyway, the Unicode consortium has verified the upcoming emojis.

There is a lot to come

There is not yet a date for even the release of Beta version, means iOS 13 release is months away from today. However, surely there will be many update rumors and leaks on what will be on iOS 13 and we assure you that we will bring you every rumor, Leaks, and News as soon as they discovered. So keep in touch with us always to see what’s new.

Tell us your opinions and recommendations you are expecting from the next iOS 13 Update. Let’s stay alert for leaks.

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