How to Download TikTok Videos on iPhone

Almost all iPhone users have at least heard about the Most fun app: Tik-Tok. Seems you are enjoying a lot from this Tik-Tok app because you are here to know how to Download TikTok videos to watch them Offline and share them with others. Maybe you know that Tik-Tok is listed as one of the Most Fun Apps. When talking about the video category TikTok is also more popular than Instagram also. So do you need to Download Tik-Tok videos? Here is the complete guide for you.

In here we have included 3 Tutorials for you. You can download Videos with either In Built Download feature or with other 2 methods.

In-Built Download Method

Most of the Public facing and Viral videos are able to download with this Tik-Tok In-Built Download method.

  • First of all Open your Tik-Tok App and Go to the Video that you are wishing to download.
  • Then Just Click on the Share Button on the right side of the screen and then select Save Video.
  • After that, your Download will automatically start and you can find your downloaded video on your Video Gallery or on the specified path you selected to save Downloads.

Didn’t Find a Save Button? Follow These 2 Methods

If you couldn’t find the save button, it maybe unavailable for some videos. But nothing to worry about, try one of below simple walkthrough to download your Tik-Tok video.

Download Video Using Instagram App :If there is no save button, you can use your Instagram Application to download the video. All you need is the Instagram app and logged into it.

  • First Open the Tik-Tok App and go to the video you wish to download.
  • Then Just Click on the Share Button on the right side of the screen and then instead of select Save Video Press the Stories button of Instagram.
  • Then you can see the Progress circle of download.
  • After the downloading process completed, Device will automatically Open the Instagram App’s Story View. On here you will see your video is uploading as a story.
  • Finally, just Click on the Download icon which is on the top left side on the Instagram Story Tool Bar.
  • Now your Video will be Downloaded to your Gallery or on the specified path you selected to save Downloads.

Download Video Using the your File Manager (Total Files):- Either don’t you have installed Instagram App on your iPhone or don’t you like to use your Instagram App? Then This is for you. (The following guide is for Total Files File Manager App)

  • First Go to your Tik-Tok App and Find the Tik-tok video you wish to download.
  • As before, Click the Share button on the Right side of the screen and Copy the Link.
  • Then Open your Total Files Files Manager App and Go to the bottom right corner and Press Globe icon.
  • Paste the copied link to the Address Bar and Go to the link.
  • After that you can play your video from there. After that Tap the screen and download video by choosing the path.
  • Then head to your Local section on your File manager and you can find the Video there.

So Enjoy your Favourite Tik-Tok videos Offline. Don’t Forget to share this Article If this Helped You.

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