Sileo is extremely fast on iPhone X | Don’t Think Sileo was fast enough on iPhone 6

If you thought Sileo was fast on an iPhone 6s, then watch the latest demo on an iPhone X

It was just one day ago that the Sileo team tested the newest Sileo app in zippy speed on iPhone 6 which is going to release with Electra12. So today a new demo is out by testing the Sileo app running on an iPhone X. Sileo is going to compete with Cydia, which means it is like a game of Electra and Unc0ver.

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As you may have seen already (or if you haven’t, just visit below link) Sileo had a fast reaction on iPhone 6S device. But they have mentioned that Sileo will run even fast on Modern devices like iPhone X, iPhone XS, etc. So I guess you are interested in to see how fast Sileo works on the latest iOS devices. You are lucky. The Sileo App developers have released another demo on Sileo running on iPhone X instead of iPhone 6S.

Sileo App running on iPhone X – Demo 2

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Noticed that failed installation? You may have seen that one tweak was failed to install in the middle of the video. The thing Sileo developers mention here that if a Tweak failed to install while others are installing, others will not be impacted on Sileo like happens in Cydia App and with Sileo other downloads can be continued with no re-queueing or re-downloading.

If you have watched both of the videos, you can know the difference between those. We can think that the latest A12(x) devices like iPhone XS will run Sileo even faster.

Electa for iOS 12 Jailbreak?

Yes! The Sileo app in running on devices installed iOS 12. Which means Jailbreak for iOS 12 is under constructing by this time. Although there is no ETA for Electra12 for iOS 12 jailbreaking, we can ensure that iOS 12 Jailbreak is coming from Electra.

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So we would like to know what is your best suggestion, Cydia or Sileo? Let us know in the comment section.

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