Facebook Messenger HIDDEN Dark Mode | How to Enable It Right Now

How To Enable Secret Dark mode in Facebook Messenger

Recently a Reddit user revealed a long-awaited news for the all iOS Device users. It is the Secret Facebook Messenger Dark interface mode. There were also some rumors on Long awaited Dark Mode will be added to iOS 13 as the newest feature. However, the secret Dark Mode can you enabled on your iPhone, iPad or any other iDevice right now. So here is How to Enable Dark Interface Mode in Messenger.

It is so easy to do it. We cannot see a setting that lets you to Enable Dark Mode in the Facebook Messenger App. So all you need to do is open conversation and send the πŸŒ™ Moon Emoji. In the other hand, you can send it directly to yourself also to enable the Dark Mode.

Then you should Force Quit Facebook Messenger App and open the chat thread you sent the Moon emoji and then click on the Emoji. Now you will see a message β€œ You Found Dark Mode”. Unless you force quit and click the emoji again, you will not be able to see the message.

After you get the β€œ You Found Dark Mode” Message, you can find the new setting on Facebook Messenger to Toggle Enable and Disable the Dark Mode. It is nice to see that this Dark Mode is truly a nice Black Interface. This will be a very nice interface for your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS Device,

So, Why not share this Amazing NEWS with Others? Enjoy With the New Dark Mode !

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