Bypass iCloud Activation Lock With DNS List for iOS 12 – 12.3 | iPhone 4 to iPhone XR DNS List 2019

Now, Bypass iCloud Activation Lock With The Updated DNS List for iOS 12 - iOS 12.3 Versions on iPhone 4 to iPhone XR. 2019 DNS Bypass Method.

Yes Yes! I know you hate Apple’s iCloud Lock on your iPhone. Most of the people hate the iCloud Lock because they have bought an iDevice and then they see that the iPhone, iPad has already locked out with iCloud Lock and the seller didn’t give the login details for them. It is the most common problem or someone has forgotten their iCloud login details. No matter what the problem is, the best solution is to “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock”.

Unc0ver v3.0.0 Official Jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 Download | Released

So don’t lose your hope. You are not alone. You have some plenty of ways to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock for free. Below are the other ways and here we are going to Bypass iCloud Activation lock through the DNS method of 2019.

Latest Bypass Updates:

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Don’t worry. This guide is pretty handy. You can follow our complete step by step tutorial in order to Unlock your iCloud Lock with updated DNS method for iOS 12 – 12.3 and up-to iPhone XR.

Supported Devices For Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock With 2019 DNS Method

• iPhone 4,
• iPhone 4s
• iPhone 5,
• iPhone 5s,
• iPhone 5c,
• iPhone 6/6 Plus,
• iPhone 6s/6s Plus,
• iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 Plus,
• iPhone 8/8 Plus
• iPhone X
• iPhone XS
• iPhone XS Max
• iPhone XR
• Almost all iPad Devices

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock With DNS List for iOS 12 – 12.3 | iPhone 5 to iPhone XR DNS List 2019

If you are not wishing to use Bypass Tools for removing the iCloud Lock such as Doulci 2019, you can try this. But this will be 100% trustworthy and this may not work on some iDevices.

Step 1: First Reboot your iDevice
Step2: Then you have to kickstart iDevice’s setup and then choose your country and language.
Step 3: Then you will see a ” Choose a Wifi Network” screen and select the “i” button which is next to the Wi-Fi Network you are going to select.
Step 4: Then scroll down the screen and find “DNS”. Enter the given DNS addresses. (Links are at the bottom of the post)

Step 5: Then Go Back by clicking the “Back >” and choose the Wi-Fi Network.
Step 6: Log in to your Wi-Fi network by entering your password and Press “Join” at upper right corner.
Step 7: Then Press “Back” and go to the back page, on this time your iDevice will try to activate by going to a new screen. Don’t let your iDevice to go for a new page and press Back button again to go back to the Wi-Fi page.

So with this latest updated method, you should have unlocked your iPhone or iPad. If you couldn’t, then you should try the above mentioned “ Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with Doulci Activator.”

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