Amazing iPhone XII(12) concept | No Physical Buttons and Notch and Invisible Camera

Beautiful iPhone XII concept kills the notch and buttons

A big screen is a big deal. It is just not the way to increase the Screen size by increasing the size of the device; it can be too done with wrapping the four edges. This iPhone 12 – XII concept seems to be amazing. This is the latest iPhone 12/XII concept by an artist showing that iPhone 12/XII coming without Physical buttons, Notch and Hidden camera will be an amazing change.

This concept was revealed by Artist Kevin Noki. He says that,

“Forget iPhone 11 and take a look at this future 2020 year iPhone XII device with No Buttons, Wireless Charge, and Hidden Camera!”

Suggested Features of iPhone XII/12

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This concept Artist Kevin Noki mentions that the curved screen as the Space display. He suggests that the icon along the edges are little like widgets, the amazing volume controlling non-physical buttons and slide opening notifications and controls will become an amazing experience for the Apple users who love iPhones.

Another special feature the Artist suggests is the invisible front-camera. He says it should be kept on underneath of the screen but he has not clearly mentioned about the hardware required for FaceID.
And discussing Camera and images, he introduces a new technology called “Photomove”. This technology can be briefly explained as a Live image. But the difference with the exiting Live Photo technology is that this “Photomove” only make the background moves live.

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Wireless charging technology is suggested for this iPhone XII/12. He mentions that the iPhone 12/XII should be able to charge from 20 meters distance. This Wireless charging from 20 Meters away is not yet added technology by Apple but it is still under constructed from at least 2012.

Possibilities of iPhone XII/12 Concepts

You may think that most of the ideas mentioned by the artists are not practical. But these ideas will be a support for iPhone 12/XII developers to consider what are people wishing from them. And the iPhone 12/XII design will be as same as the design by Artist Kevin Noki. However, these concepts can be a new way for iPhone XII/12 development.

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So let us know your thoughts and suggestions for iPhone 12/XII.

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