10 Most Useful iPhone Apps You Must Install

Today iPhone may have become your major part of life. Except for the main uses of the iPhone and other smartphones, we need the best applications to be installed in the iPhone to get set with today and make our lives easier. So are you stuck among the millions of different applications on the App store? Thinking about what is most essential and most interesting apps for your iPhone? You are in the right place. Let’s discuss what are the best Useful Apps for your iPhone.

10 Most Useful Apps for Your iPhone

TickTick – The Best Remainder App

This is a great App for you if you need a reminder app. TickTick is the best accessible to-do list app for your iPhone. A great feature of this TickTick app is this app allows a user to use the simple day to day conservation language to make a new task. Unlike the other Apps, you don’t want to use “ Create a new remainder to go for Shopping on Monday at 7 AM”, with this app you can create your remainder with just entering “ Shopping on Monday 7 Am”. It is that easy. Also, you will be notified before 30 minutes at the relevant time. And also this TickTick App has a very good User Interface.

But this is not only the features given to the users by TickTick developers, but this App will also be able to make Agenda Schedules, Notes and more with the Cloud Syncing.

If you are not so busy then you the Free version of this App will be enough for with. However, you can purchase this App to get rid of all limitations and unlock more features.

Copied – Best ClipBoard Manager For You

Looking for an app to save data such as Texts, images or links on a place to find them easily? Copied App is a great solution for you. This is the best clipboard manager application for your iPhone. Anyhow this is also compatible with other iOS devices also. There is another feature of this app that they have an auto-browser feature that lets the users copy the Clipboard straightly to the relevant website. With the best clipboard management app: Copied, you can store and manage data limitless as you like.

Drafts 5 – Don’t Forget Anything

Simply, this is a thought into text converter. You can just open the Drafts app and write whatever you get remember in your mind. The writing will be saved like drafts for your future use such as use them to send as an email, or maybe it is a quick note. If you install this app, you can quickly manage your thoughts and send them wherever you want with just one click with the help of its big extension collection.

Fantastical 2 – Living In Calendar ?

This app is for who are extremely busy on their schedule. You can free download or purchase the Fantastical 2 for all features. This app lets you create reminders and check calendar simply. You can also create a new ask by talking to Siri and by telling it about the reminder. As the TickTick app, this Fantastical app has the same feature of simple language input. I verify that this App will surely make your work easier if you use the usual calendar app on your iPhone. If you have an apple watch, then you can sync this app with your watch. You will never miss your special days while using this Fantastical 2 App.

Xe Currency – The Best Exchange Rate App

If your life going closer with currencies? Here you are. This Xe Currency app allows users to get information about the worldwide currency exchange rates, with graphical charts with faithful customer feedbacks and connections.

Documents by Readdle – The Best Document Manager

With this Documents By Readdle App, you can manage your data easily and read them, listen to them and view them as you wish. This App supports iPhone and iPad. Documents App also can be used as a download manager for your iDevice as there is no Download manager in Apple iOS. Documents By riddle app is very easy to use and user-friendly, so it will be very simple to use in day to day life.

Zones World Clock – Want Know the Exact Time of World?

The Zones World clock is the best World Clock application for your iPhone or iPad. Unlike the others, this app has some compounded structure such as converting time zones and visualizations. This app lets you know all times of various cities and countries like a list or other way after you enter the required cities or countries. There is a special feature on this Zones World App, that this app allows the users to enter any time for a specific country or city and the user can find the time of other countries according to the time you entered. Let me clarify that for you. It means that guess you want to know the time in Texas USA when it is 6.00 AM for China.

Shortcuts – Make The Life Easier

iPhone without shortcuts? Yes! It will be quite annoying and it will be very difficult to use the iPhone without shortcuts. The good feature of this Shortcut App, you can create a shortcut for your most used tasks such as Airplane Mode, Silent mode, and any other and you can enable or use the app or setting with just one click. As the Shortcut app was developed by Apple, this App response to Siri. This App also contains a lot of complex services. Ex:- Smart Variables, Loop Variables and the huge collection of actions and services.

VLC – All about Entertainment

This VLC app is going to be one of the most useful apps for your iPhone. Most of us watch videos for our entertainment in most of the times. VLC is the best media player for your iPhone and you can watch all type of videos such as movies, clips and any other. This VLC app also allows users to sync the media with Cloud. You can download VLC from the App Store for free.

Gboard – At last, The Most Essential

Not interested with Apple Keyboard? Try Gboard, the best Keyboard application on the App Store for iOS devices. The keyboard comes as a major part of your iPhone. So having a smarter keyboard on your iPhone will make the task easier? Doesn’t it? The Gboard app has some great features such as auto-complete words, GIFS, Emoji suggestions and many more. And especially, with Gboard you can switch your App for another easily without losing your task. So Try the Gboard App with the latest themes and also try to create your own theme for your keyboard.

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